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Integrale Gesellschaft 2019 yeah

110 pages

Integrale Gesellschaft Rückseite 2019 yeahh

Reading 1 The integral value

Reading 2 Eastern reason in the spirit of Postmodern Integrality, the example of India

Reading 3 The historical development of reason in three stages

George M Grow Jr, The Habitus

35 pages

George M Grow Jr, The Habitus

Reading 1 Who are we?

Reading 2 Elegance and fate

World cultural center, books of life

20 pages

I-Court, world cultural center, project plan


Do you want to understand in just two hours what humankind has been trying to understand from time immemorial?

Try it with The Habitus.
Try it with The Integral Society.

Immerse yourself in the world of Integrality. Integral thinking is the future thinking and the third historical phase after tradition and modernity.


The complexity of the world and the yearning for simplicity

Which simplicity is possible today – and honest?

Our world has become complex. Be it migration, digitization, multiculturalism, competing ideologies, religions and parties, financial markets – nowhere there are simple solutions. Technology companies respond with artificial intelligence, populists deceive sovereignty, advertising and self-help industry lure with the promise of „simplify your life“.

Interdisciplinary author and philosopher George Grow explores the widespread longing for simplicity in an increasingly complicated world. How can we deal with the many issues which block the reduction to simple solutions? What kind of simplification is needed, where reduction is a dictate of the hour?

These questions seem to have little to do with our present day: One cultivates immunity to the temptation of simple answers, on the one hand, for taking our totalitarian past into account and on the other hand, to open ways and barriers to the „new way of life“, which cranks economy up and with it the global problems such as environmental degradation, global warming, depletion, migration, but also problems of the soul and human coexistence.

All this also applies to religion: no faith can prevent succumbing to the lure of fundamentalist simplification, because every faith, be it religious, profane or political, is only one among many. It is not faith, but deeper experience and the close observation of complexity is the method by which simple answers are possible – answers which are not absolute, but can point the way and the direction throughout one’s life.

In this book, we meet on another resource that can make sense of our desire for simplicity and make us fit for complexity.

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