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The Books of Life are Fun! Goals:

  • To provide stimulating, entertaining literature which never bores and always can surprises.The Unseen Power
  • To evince orientation that reaches beyond the limits of the rationalistic, mechanistic zeitgeist and, otherwise, beyond the religions of faith, which both separates us from live and liveliness, in a critical, stimulating Logo Verein 3discussion.
  • To fill the gap that was torn up in us by the institutionalized ideologies or could never be filled by them, in a critical ventilation of this issue.
  • To accompany outsiders and border crosser in the „Other Direction“, those ones who ++6are excluded for their realistic, possible but by the „philistines“ as abnormal and negative valued views, opinions, intelligence, sensitivity, spirituality, extravagance or claims in order to achieve a subjectively appropriate relationship with and a subjectively appropriate position in the mainstream.

BOL – by George M. Grow, „Never Hide“, Rome 2019

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The Books of Life in „George M. Grow and the Phantastic Realism“, 2018

Frankenstein, new, movie

George M. Grow, pilot, „Frankenstein – The Next Generation“

The Power of Nonconformity

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George M. Grow & Team, March 2019

Wald 2021 effektIn George Grow’s Books of Life, we meet protagonists who do not accept to a life in terms with a closed or apparently open, with a totalitarian society and take the bull by the horns. Similar to Odysseus, Theseus, Achilles and other heroes of the ancient mythological world, they leave their home in order to recover the treasures which are only open to the next or future mind and consciousness and bring them home for the benefits of everyone:

MA Kattia Watson Carazo, my agent for Spanish & English

Hallimasch 2020 yeah neuWald Whittman commissions a report on his daredevil journeys, Edward Kay hires nine „heirs of fate“ to safeguard his spiritual heritage for humanity, Mrs. Stadnikow invites luminaries from all over the world to a San Francisco meeting in order to discuss and to clarify the phenomenon of metaphysics once and for all or the geologist Dr. Weingartner who gets to the bottom of the “things which are no things” in his very own way.

MA Paul Kachur, Germany, USA, since 2013 my fabulous editor for texts in English

Ancient Greece was only able to overcome its authoritarian system of rule and set the first state Des Messias neue Kleider Englischdemocracy in the history of man because the Greek myth does not include a perfect, absolute creator of the world – in sharp contrast to the Jewish, Christian, Muslim or Hindu myth. This means that the Greek mythos is fundamentally different from the socialist, liberalist, capitalist and the myth of the open society, which as well „slip into an ontological-metaphysical valuation and idealization“ (Karl Mannheim), as it would happen to any judgmental and any value-free ideology. Conversely, a perfect, absolute order of the world was in ancient Greece both practically and theoretically completely alien.

Kuss Der Erweckung EnglischA Bloody Kiss of Awakening, a play for fun and study in three acts, German, English, Spanish

Prometheus, the initiator of human civilization, as a demiurge, designed the first human   beings out of clay and equipped them with properties. In the course of this creation, however, large errors occurred, which manifested as insufficiencies, from which humankind is suffering since then. In consequence, our task is to discover the errors and participate in evolutionary creation. This task is as immediate and natural as the desire of a child to walk.

Header Mein Tempel neuneuneu

I-Court – The world formula in man and stone

I-Court 2020 buntThe heroes of the ancient myth stood on the threshold of a new, that is, of the rational,  technological oriented society. They discovered a supposedly magical object, that means an object highly technological for their time such as a sword, armor, a lance or a thread that functions like a GPS unit, while George Grow’s pioneers strike out into the third and for the time being last period of man and humanity.

On their adventures, they discover what is valuable and worth retaining in both the traditional society and in the modern or „open“ society and how both of them can be fused into one value and life. Which elements are based on experience and facts and which emerged under the pressure of reality as compensation and repression?

The Path neuThe Integral Society – The Path that underlies all other paths; non-fiction, English, German, Spanish, 110 pages

In The Integral Society, George Grow activates the parable in which tradition and modernity are represented by a giant and a dwarf. The dwarf on the giant’s shoulders looks even farther than his carrier, but could not see far without the giant below him. Together they form a team.

I-Court World Cultural Center project plan, German, English, Spanish

By George Grow’s protagonists, everyone, who relies on the eyes of just one of them and  Schicksalserben 2020 letzte despises the view of the other, is considered to be an extremist. The suspected Prophet Wald Whittman, the former Diva and TV star Mrs. Stadnikow, the supposed murderer Edward Kay, the very normal Dr. Weingartner who would be too good for this world and other „mavericks “ in Grow’s Books of Life are no activists for an open society, but visionaries of an integral society, future and mentality.

Wald 2021 effektWald – The Messenger, novel, 300 pages between Kashmir, India, and Europe

They get past both the old and the new taboos and dogmas of a supposed social progress.   Instead of constitutive principles, they develop regulative ideas and cling to them to the very end: as the meaning of life, the walk of man and humankind in three phases, the integral value, the concord of monotheism, pantheism, polytheism and atheism, the Copernican revolution of the mind, the cult of culture and other innovations that put the protagonists to a thrilling test, while they are struggling most entertainingly and intoxicatingly with their fate and daily life.

First supper trans hinter weiß filter 2 tibet

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Santa Cruz on 15th March 2019

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